>UPDATED ODDS: Stefano eliminated, AI 10 becoming a three-horse race


It was bound to happen eventually. After three previous trips to the Bottom Three, self-admiring vocalist Stefano Langone was finally shown the door. That’s not to say that we think that he deserved to go just yet. Our pick for the worst of the week was Scotty McCreery, and the one we thought would and should go was Jacob Lusk. That said, few tears will be shed over Stefano’s exit because he was living life on the bubble and was struggling to find a strong, core audience.

With Stefano gone, the American Idol 10 horse race is narrowing down to a three-pony dead heat, with Scotty and James Durbin leading the way at the top, and Lauren Alaina nipping at their heels. Casey Abrams rounds out the Top 4, though we suspect that survivalist Haley Reinhart might crash that party if she stays on her current track. Jacob is now our odds-on pick to go next.

As far as things nipping on heels, we think the upstart show “The Voice” deserves a look from AI fans. It has an extremely unique spin on the talent show angle, and we’ll be posting about tonight’s sneak preview shortly. If you’re truly fans of good voices, “The Voice” might really be an alternative to the back-story, personality, “favorite” driven angle that Idol has been working.

Following are our updated odds for the Top 6 for winning and elimination. Let us know what you think about these rankings and about this week’s eliminations. Do you agree? Did Paul deserve to go home? And remember to follow this blog on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/capnpen. Also be sure to follow our Facebook group, American Idol Update.

Top 6 (Odds to Win)
1. Scotty McCreery (5/2)
2. James Durbin (11/4)
3. Lauren Alaina (9/2)
4. Casey Abrams (8/1)
5. Haley Reinhart (10/1)
6. Jacob Lusk (13/1)

Top 6 (Odds to Go)
1. Jacob Lusk (5/2)
2. Haley Reinhart (7/2)
3. Casey Abrams (15/4)
4. Lauren Alaina (31/4)
5. Scotty McCreery (8/1)
6. James Durbin (19/2)

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