>Sanity returns to Idol as first male is eliminated

>After five weeks of American Idol 10, it appeared that the Americans didn’t want their Idol to be a girl. Week after week, Ryan Seacrest had the tough task of telling a female that their Idol journey was over. And when Haley Reinhart ended up in the Bottom Three tonight, it looked like that trend was going to continue for a sixth week.

But at long last, America finally seemed to hear and see what I’ve been hearing and seeing — that Paul McDonald is pitch-challenged and manic. And they pulled the trigger on an elimination that was at least a week late. And with that elimination, the talent level on Idol actually improved. Please pardon the twist on a pun, but it seemed like the show “robbed Pia to slay Paul.” Honestly, if I don’t get to listen to Pia, at least I won’t have to endure Paul.

No offense to the rose-suited one, but in spite of his sparkling eyes and gleaming smile, Paul had very little going for him musically, at least not on this show. In all of the clips I’ve seen of Paul playing in clubs, he had a cool, laid-back vibe that seemed to work well. I don’t love his voice, but in clips like this one singing “Let it Ride” at Gulf Shores or this one performing “American Dreams,” Paul was actually listenable. On Idol, he embraced a crazed, manic style that was fed by the judges and producers, and it didn’t help him at all. Maybe now that he’s free of the Idol constraints, he’ll be able to go back to what he does best.

With Paul’s elimination, the odds swing sharply against Stefano Langone as the next most-likely elimination. Here are our updated post-show odds for the Top 7. The theme for next week has not yet been revealed, so check back soon to see our updated odds and thoughts about song choices for the Top 7.

Let us know what you think about these rankings and about this week’s eliminations. Do you agree? Did Paul deserve to go home? And remember to follow this blog on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/capnpen. Also be sure to follow our Facebook group, American Idol Update.


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