>30 Days of "Fun With Music"

>On my Facebook page, I’ve been posting on a 30-day list of songs in different categories. It’s been pretty fun and we’re nearing the end, so here’s the entire list (including the final three days that haven’t been posted yet). After this we’ll be doing a “30 Days of Fun With Movies,” which is an original list of categories that I’ve come up with. I’ll be posted that here from time-to-time so be sure to check in for the updates!

Day 1 : A song from the first album I ever owned (The Archies; “Sugar, Sugar)
(Actually bought the album for my Dad; he gave it back to me…)

Day 2: A song that reminds me of my high school days (Simple Minds; “Don’t You Forget About Me)
(I graduated in the year of “The Breakfast Club”)

Day 3: A song from the first concert I ever attended (KC and the Sunshine Band; “Shake Your Booty”
(A little embarassed by this one…)

Day 4: A song from my favorite band (Toto; “Gypsy Train”)
(This isn’t their best song, but I decided to choose one most people aren’t familiar with)

Day 5: A song from a band I CANNOT stand (Zager and Evans; “In the Year 2525)
(Came down to this one and “Muskrat Love” by Captain and Tenille. Both are hurl-worthy.)

Day 6: A song that reminds me of my childhood
(From the Jackson 5’s Third Album. I remember getting it for my 5th birthday. “I’ll Be There” was the biggest song. This one is more fun.)

Day 7: A song that makes you want to “dance” (Three choices on this one)

Choice #1: James Brown; “I Feel Good (I Got You)”The Just Dance 2 version of it. Always have a lot of fun with this one…
Choice #2: Hanson; “Give a Little”Hard to believe I’m becoming a big fan of these guys, but they really are good
Choice #3: Hanson; “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” – Apparently these guys are big fans of the Blues Brothers. YouTube even has a tutorial for this dance. Just Dance 2 should do a download version!

Day 8: A song that bores the heck out of me (Terry Jacks; “Seasons in the Sun”)
(I almost fell asleep posting this link…)

Day 9: A song I played at my wedding (Michael English; “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways”)
(The Michael English album version was the first dance at our reception)

Day 10: A song that describes my previous year (The Beatles; “Carry That Weight”)
(Sadly, at my current size, the title is far too accurate)

Day 11: A song that relaxes me (Earl Klugh; “Wishful Thinking”)
(Most things by Earl Klugh are great, but this is absolutely perfect…)

Day 12: A song I love to hate (Kesha; “TiK ToK”)
(Can’t stand a lot of pop these days; this song is the gold standard of nails on the chalkboard)

Day 13: A song I hate to love (Wayne Newton; “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”)

(My favorite song when I was five or six. Most people hate it; it brings back memories of my childhood…)

Day 14: A song no one would expect me to love (Carol Burnett; “I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together”)

(Ranks up there as maybe the best and classiest finale of any TV show. You have to go to about 6:30 to hear the song, but the entire clip is worth the watch. Man, I miss this show…)

Day 15: A song that describes me (Lynyrd Skynyrd; “Simple Man”)
(Sing along with me… “Mama told me when I was young…”)

Day 16: A song that describes someone special to me (Billy Joel; “Just the Way You Are”)

(I love my wife so much…)

Day 17: A song that makes me laugh (Two choices on this one…)

Choice #1: Weird Al Yankovic; “Trash Day” – This guy always seems to outdo himself and never seems to age!
Choice #2: Tears for Fears; “Head Over Heels” – No, not the original version, but the “Literal Video Version”

Day 18: A song that describes my “current” state of mind (Bill Engvall; “Here’s Your Sign”)
(I’m with Bill on this one; I can’t stand “stupid people…”)

Day 19: A song you can’t believe someone even took the time to record (Rick Dees; “Disco Duck”)
(I loathe this song…)

Day 20: The song that I ALWAYS hear when I turn on the radio (liked or not) (Rhianna; “What’s My Name”)

(Really getting sick of this one…)

Day 21: A song from the artist I first “crushed” on (Olivia Newton-John; “Magic”)
(Most guys I knew had a thing for her… some always will…)

Day 22: A song from one of my favorite movies (Christopher Cross; “The Best That You Can Do” from “Arthur”)
(My all-time favorite film to watch; one song from one movie can fill this spot…)

Day 23: A song that makes me feel like an ass (Michael Jackson; “Man in the Mirror”)
(not even sure what that means… guilty? Like a jerk? Stupid category, really, but this is the best I can do…)

Day 24: A song that makes me cry whenever you hear it (The Katinas; “Mama”)

(This one is difficult for me to listen to…)

Day 25: A song that makes me feel “tough” (P.O.D.; “Boom”)
(Very cool song to listen to before a game…)

Day 26: A song I constantly jammed to when I got my first car (Van Halen; “Jump”)
(Teens, cars and music go together. This just happened to be out when I got my Toyota…)

Day 27: A song that gets me “pumped” (Kenny Loggins; “Footloose”)
(Repetitive category; could double for song that makes me want to dance and could have been a song that makes me feel tough. As a fun “pumped up” song, it’s really hard to beat this one…)

Day 28: A song that mellows me out (Anita Baker; “Giving You the Best That I Got”)
(Probably a dozen Anita Baker songs could fill this spot…)

Day 29: A song that brings back a memory (Paul Anka; “Times of Your Life”)
(My mom had this song leading off pre-wedding videos for me, my brother and three sisters. It’s the Kodak song that just always makes me think back…)

Day 30: My favorite song so far this year (Matthew West; “My Own Little World”)
(Released in August; a great song about our Christian responsibility…)

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Capnpen is a writer who was a newspaper and magazine journalist in a previous life. A college journalism major, he now works as an administrator, but gets his writing fix by blogging about a variety of topics, including politics, religion, movies and television. When he's not working or blogging, Capnpen spends time with his family, plays a little golf (badly) and loves to learn about virtually anything.
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