>Another week, another perfect prediction

>Once again, our method of ranking and predicting who stays and who goes on American Idol has hit the center of the target. This time, we perfectly predicted the Bottom Three (Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez); indicated that Naima would be the one most likely to be declared safe first; and predicted that Karen would be the one to go home. While we respect other methods of making these predictions, we maintain that it’s not enough to simply make broad windows of safety and risk. Making more specific, more targeted picks that say specifically who will be in the Bottom Three and who will go home means that we’re more likely to get these picks dead wrong. Of course, there is by no means any false satisfaction in getting the picks exactly right. We hope that by making more exacting picks that you will continue to refer to this site as one source of information about your favorite TV talent show, and that you will tell others about us. Again, please make sure to follow us on Twitter here.

Now, as for our musings on the show tonight, here are a few points:
1) The group numbers absolutely suck, but they’re not going anywhere. Fortunately, they make DVRs and mute buttons for such things.
2) Those devices also exist for performances like Lee DeWyze’s. One year later and the guy still can’t sing in key. My 12-year-old daughter was watching with me and said that his song was boring. Is it any wonder that Lee has sold less than 120,000 copies of his CD?
3) The Black Eyed Peas have sold infinitely more, and will undoubtedly continue to do so. But that’s not because they’re infinitely better. Boring? No. Interesting? Yes. Quality? Absolutely … not. Every Peas performance is marked by an overabundance of slurred words, a gross overuse of autotune and the complete absence of intelligent lyrics. They’re fun, but they shouldn’t be a model of what any of these Idols aspires to be.
4) Is it just me, or does will.i.am’s hair get more ridiculous every time he goes out in public. Tonight’s black-and-orange plastic hair helmet was almost like a missing piece of a Halloween costume.
5) Kudos to Idol for continuing to promote donations to the Red Cross. For the record, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 and a $10 donation will be made on your behalf to the relief effort in Japan. The amount will appear on your next cell phone bill.
Tune in again next week to watch your favorite Idols. There is no word as to the theme, but the word from Idol brass is that many of the theme weeks we’ve known in the past won’t be repeated. Interscope exec Jimmy Iovine (who has been ever-present so far this season) told the Hollywood Reporter, “We’re not going to ask a country singer to sing an R&B song, or an R&B singer to do Led Zeppelin … If the theme is ’80s or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, every song will be customized to that contestant.” With these contestants playing to their personal strengths each week, American Idol 10 should be both interesting and competitive!

About Douglas Blaine

Capnpen is a writer who was a newspaper and magazine journalist in a previous life. A college journalism major, he now works as an administrator, but gets his writing fix by blogging about a variety of topics, including politics, religion, movies and television. When he's not working or blogging, Capnpen spends time with his family, plays a little golf (badly) and loves to learn about virtually anything.
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